Extra Teaching Material

Talk on Communication Skills by Industrial Guest Speaker

Event that marked the end of my service as a TA in the Department of Chemical Engineering at CMU.

  • Invitation letter to all members of the department and talk abstract (PDF)
  • Event poster (PDF)
  • Introductory slides on (technical) communication (PDF)

06-321: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

  • Aspen v8 Tutorial - Physical Property Prediction (PDF)
    • Volume prediction Aspen file (APWZ)
  • Aspen v8 Tutorial - Flash Calculation (PDF)
    • Rigorous flash calculation Aspen file (APWZ)
    • Approximate flash calculation MATLAB file (M-File)
  • Aspen v8 Tutorial - Chemical Reaction Equilibrium (PDF)
    • REquil block Aspen file (APWZ)
    • RGibbs block Aspen file (APWZ)
  • Aspen exercises with solutions (PDF)
  • Review session slides (PDF)

06-262: Mathematical Methods of Chemical Engineering

  • Newton's Method MATLAB Implementation (PDF)
  • Review Lecture Notes (PDF)
  • Finite Difference Method MATLAB code to solve the Laplace Equation in 2-D (M-file)

06-100: Introduction to Chemical Engineering

  • Welcome to ChemE (PDF)
  • Material Balance Help (PDF)
  • Air Quality Module - Lecture Notes (PDF)
  • Air Quality Module - Lecture 1 Slides (PDF)
  • Air Quality Module - Lecture 2 Slides (PDF)
  • Linear Mass Balance - Computational Handout (PDF)
  • System of Nonlinear Equations - Computational Handout (PDF) (M-File)
  • Introduction to MATLAB for Freshmen (PDF) (M-File)
    • Basic MATLAB commands and operators
    • Solving linear systems of algebraic equations (application: linear material balances)
    • Gaussian Elimination and Reduced Row Echelon Form
    • Plotting with MATLAB
  • Design Project - Optimization in GAMS (PDF) (GAMS Model)
    • Problem statement of the design project
    • Brief, high-level introduction to mathematical optimization
    • Introduction to Algebraic Modeling Systems
    • Modeling in GAMS

06-362: Chemical Engineering Process Control

  • Filter Equations Clarification (PDF)
  • PID MATLAB Simulator (zip)
  • Simulink Tutorial

06-815: Advanced Topics in Linear Optimization

  • C/C++ and Fortran Programming Introductory Tutorial (slides) (PDF)
  • C/C++ and Fortran Programming Introductory Tutorial (handout) (PDF)
  • Fortran Derived Data Types Tutorial (slides) (PDF)
  • Fortran Derived Data Types Tutorial (handout) (PDF)
  • Fortran files to solve linear system using Successive Over-Relaxation Method (ZIP)

06-421: Chemical Process Systems Design

  • Economic Evaluation Review (PDF)