Currently, I am postdoctoral fellow in the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at UW-Madison. My postdoctoral work is two-fold: chemical engineering education and Process Systems Engineering (PSE) research. In the education front, I am working with Dr. William F. Banholzer on enhancing the chemical engineering curriculum by developing business simulations designed to reinforce how the fundamentals of mass/energy balances, process flow simulation, and other engineering practices define successful commercial chemical processes. Regarding PSE research, I am working with Dr. Christos T. Maravelias on the analysis of the economics and dynamics of a solar refinery. Two major considerations of the work include the intermittency of the renewable energy source and the storage of intermediates to ensure continuous downstream production of chemicals or liquid fuels.

I received my Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and was advised by Dr. Ignacio E. Grossmann. My Ph.D. research can be broadly classified as Enterprise-Wide Optimization (EWO), which is a subarea of PSE. Specifically, I have worked on production scheduling and planning of chemical plants with batch and continuous processes. A significant part of my work has been on the development of data-driven methods for optimization under uncertainty. These methods rely on probability and statistics concepts to assist in uncertainty modeling and quantification frameworks.

Prior to my Ph.D., I obtained a B.S. in chemical engineering at PUC-Rio (Brazil). My final-year project was related to data reconciliation and parameter estimation in chemical engineering processes. In addition, I was an exchange student for two semesters at UC Berkeley where I had the honor to contribute to the Leonardo Project (formerly Bronowski Project) organized by Dr. John M. Prausnitz.

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