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Last Update: 03/17/2015

03/17/2015: I made available my university-wide Graduate Student Teaching Award nomination package here.

05/17/2014: I published a paper entitled “Data-Driven Multi-Stage Scenario Tree Generation via Statistical Property and Distribution Matching” in the Computers & Chemical Engineering journal. See the article DOI page here and the authors' copy here.

04/14/2014: I published a technical report entitled “A Memory-Efficient Implementation of Multi-Period Two- and Multi-Stage Stochastic Programming Models”. The report is hosted at the CMU Research Showcase and can be accessed here.

03/03/2014: My advisor, a colleague, and I published a review paper entitled “Evolution of Concepts and Models for Quantifying Resiliency and Flexibility of Chemical Processes” in the Computers & Chemical Engineering journal. See the article DOI page here and the authors' copy here.

02/15/2013: I published a paper entitled “Hybrid Bilevel-Lagrangean Decomposition Scheme for the Integration of Planning and Scheduling of a Network of Batch Plants” in the Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research journal. See the article DOI page here and the authors' copy here.

05/20/2012: I received the “Mark Dennis Karl Outstanding Teaching Award” from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

08/22/2010: I began my journey as a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University and my first course as a TA is listed in the Teaching section.

Academic Degrees

B.Sc. - Chemical Engineering - Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
     Final-Year Project: Chemical Processes Data Treatment Through Data Reconciliation and Parameter Estimation


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My Teaching Portfolio is available here.

My university-wide Graduate Student Teaching Award nomination package is available here. I deliberately removed all recommenders' personal information (e-mail, address, phone). Please contact me if you need any further information.

For extra material I prepared as a teaching assistant, see here.

Semester University Course

Fall 2014


06-321: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Spring 2014


06-262: Mathematical Methods of Chemical Engineering

Fall 2013


06-100: Introduction to Chemical Engineering

Spring 2013


Math Software TA

Spring 2012


Math Software TA: MS Excel and VBA Tutorials

Fall 2011


Math Software TA: MATLAB Tutorials

Spring 2011


06-362: Chemical Engineering Process Control (TA)

Fall 2010


06-421: Chemical Process Systems Design (TA)

Spring 2009


QUI1815: Mass Transfer (TA)

Spring 2009


QUI1805: Reactors Kinetics and Design (TA)


My Ph.D. research can be broadly classified as Enterprise-Wide Optimization (EWO)[1], which is a subarea of Process Systems Engineering (PSE). EWO belongs to the large chemical scale part in the figure below. Specifically, I have worked on production scheduling and planning of chemical plants with batch and continuous processes. A significant part of my work has been on the development of data-driven methods for optimization under uncertainty. These methods rely on probability and statistics concepts to assist in uncertainty modeling and quantification frameworks.

[1] Grossmann, I. (2005). Enterprise-wide optimization: A new frontier in process systems engineering. AIChE Journal, 51(7), 1846-1857.

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